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Difference Between Inspiring vs Motivating

Inspiring vs Motivating “Where there is a will, there is a way” is an old saying that motivates and stimulates us to work and stay committed to our life goals. All of us need motivation and inspiration at some point in life. Many people might think these two disciplines are almost the same but entirely different concepts. While motivation is always from an outside source in an external situation, inspiration comes from within.

Time motivation comes from the term ‘motive’, which means the requirements or drives within an existence. In other words, inspiration is the process in which a separate person is mentally encouraged to do something.

This article highlights the difference between motivation and inspiration: when you feel you should and when you truly want something.

Definition of Motivation

Inspiring vs Motivating –  Motivation is a psychological concept described as a stimulus or force that compels people to take action. It persuades people to behave and act in a particular way. It is also defined as giving a reason to someone to do or achieve something.

Motivation compels us to set goals based on what we should be doing. It includes diverse forces, such as psychological, biological, social, etc., that intensify one’s emotions, like needs and desires. It hopes – to stimulate them to take action, which will achieve a short-term goal.

Definition of Inspiration

The term ‘inspiration’ refers to an influencing or arousing process that stimulates people, mentally and emotionally, to do something creative or extraordinary. When someone wants to do something different, the desire comes from within. The urge remains based on the worth system, beliefs, life experiences, preferences, imaginations, aspirations, and similar other senses that makes us feel improved if we do or achieve it.

In inspiration, you truly want something you have an enduring desire to achieve; you are repeatedly attentive and committed to having it; you make time for it and prioritize it. It is a spontaneous impulse.

The Important Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

The Important Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

For years, I believed that inspiration and motivation were similar. But the more I thought about it, did research, and became a student of people, the more I came to trust there was a crucial distinction. The understated difference between the words can make a difference in leading people.

For years, I believed that inspiration and motivation were the same thing. But the more I thought about it, investigated, and became a student of people, the more I came to believe there’s a crucial distinction. The understated difference between the words can make a difference in leading people.

It is essential for both inspiration and motivation. But to lead efficiently, knowing the difference makes a remarkable difference.

When we try to motivate persons using positive incentives and maybe even some negative tactics, that’s using outward things to enter the heart where real change occurs. It can work to some degree; when people want to change because there has been a deep stirring in their hearts, it’s sustainable and leads to long-term vibrancy.

With motivation, I sought reasons to be a better me to maximize performance. Finally, with inspiration, I understood who I was, and as a natural byproduct, I could accomplish things I never thought possible.

Inspirational Speaker or a Motivational Speaker?

Inspiring vs Motivating – Motivational Speakers classically help organizations, leaders and persons become more efficient and excited about what they’re already doing. When employees have lost motivation to perform adequately or excel in their current positions. A motivational speaker can renew their desire for their work.

If protests about customer service and employee arrogances begin to surface, an organization may benefit by hiring a motivational speaker to help staff uncover the source of the discontent

A Stimulating Speaker takes motivational speaking to the next level. Inspirational speakers are the heroes, visionaries and idealists whose personal lives are often testimonies to the human spirit. Their convincing tales of inspiration cannot help but make spectators look at the big picture of their lives. Encouraging them to seek to be the best version of themselves possible.

A great inspirational speaker is highly passionate about their message and quickly delivers it relatable and rivetingly while drawing the listener in on a deep emotional level.


Inspiring vs Motivating – A motivational speaker is a business qualified who delivers speeches designed to inspire and motivate people in the audience. Also known as “inspirational speakers,” these individuals are gifted in the art of persuasion. They positively present their ideas and encourage others to follow their way of thinking.

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