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What exactly is Google App Console? – Smart Tech Crunch – 2022

You may expand your Google Play company by using the Google Play App Console to publish your applications and games. Make use of tools that will help you raise the calibre of your app, engage your audience, generate income, and more. The Google Play and Android publishing tool known as Google App Console is particularly relevant to ASO teams since it allows them to track how well their apps are doing in the Google Play store.

The platform will enable users to:

The platform will enable users to:

“Publish your applications and games using the Google app Console and expand your company on Google Play,” according to Google. Make use of tools that will help you raise the calibre of your app, engage your audience, generate income, and more. Why the Google app Console is Important

The Google app console allows app developers and marketers to understand better how their apps are performing in terms of growth. Technical performance such as crashes or display issues, and financials. In addition, the console offers acquisition reports and detailed analysis. Which can help app devs/marketers determine how well an app is performing.

The platform is essential as it provides developers with access to first-party data that highlights the actual performance of an app. The console lets the monitoring of conversion rates (CVR). Basically, it shows the number of impressions an app listing receives and the number of installs an app gets from different sources over time. The user gaining reports found in the console show data on how an app is receiving its growth. Such as users’ origins in terms of source. Having access to deep analysis contributes to understanding an app’s performance in terms of development.

However, the data is limited. It’s not possible to see attribution at the campaign ad level, just at the source level,

How to Use the app Console

However, Once you’ve designated an app, here are the steering items, categories, and pages you’ll find in each:

Dashboard: Your app’s dashboard will guide you to finish all the essential steps to make your app available on Google Play. Showing critical metrics after launching.

Inbox: All your emails from Google Play Console remain shown here.

Publishing Impression: See an overview of the changes made to your app and control when updates remain posted.


Releases overview: See a summary of your releases across different tracks.

Production: Create and manage production announcements to make your app available to all users in your selected countries.

Testing: View and achieve your Open testing, Closed testing, Internal testing, Pre-registration

Pre-launch report: Classify issues with your app launching on a wide range of devices earlier.

Device catalogue: View and manage the devices compatible with your app.

App bundle explorer: Inspect each app version, download artefacts, and see what Google Play generates for delivery.

Setup: Contains “App integrity,” “Internal app sharing,” and “Advanced settings.”

Google Play Developer App Console

The Google Play console lets app devs/marketers accurately monitor their CVR and organic performance with data-driven analysis.

And also, a pillar is a discoverability, and one of the critical factors that affect it is the volume of first-time installs. The fact that the platform provides that data makes it a vital tool for ASO teams.

Industry experts know that Google takes the first-time installs into account when making all their ranking and featuring decisions in their store. MMPs, which also provide tools for analysis. Can only show the number of users who installed and launched; they can’t differentiate. If these users were to remain considered, it would be impossible to view the figure as an accurate representation of first-time installs. Therefore, the first install data from Google is more valuable to ASO teams. Consequently, it’s vital to know the exact first-time install figures.

The console platform ultimately offers the tools for teams to monitor organic performance. ASO teams must have the stats to Increase impersonations and installs and monitor CVR over time. Only by examining these are ASO teams able to identify areas of an app’s listing that need attention or improvement and show where an app is successful in iterating those elements and placing them elsewhere on the product page.


Distribute your apps and games with the Google Play Console and produce your business on Google Play. And also, Benefit from topographies that help you improve your app. You can see your app’s latest publishing status under your app’s name and package name when you select your app in the Play Console. Stay prearranged with collections Save and categorize content based on your preferences. All use of Google Search Console

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