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Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, Who Founded Aqua-Tots and How Does it Cost?

Aqua tots swim schools – Aqua-tots’ goal has always been to provide swimmers with the best, most advanced, structured and fun swim classes, something we feel we achieve every day! Aqua-Tots Swim Schools serves over 120 groups worldwide, contributing dedicated, year-round, indoor swim teaching, community outreach and sinking prevention education to children of all abilities from four months to 12 years old. As the world’s leading swim school franchise.

Their hand-selected instructors are fervent about instructing children how to remain harmless in and around the water. They use the tried and true curriculum, 30 years in the making and are trusted worldwide to teach four million swimmers lessons annually.

The History of Aqua-tots

Aqua-tots remained founded by mum of two Evy Bentzon-Jones in 1997. Evy started initially with just 20 swimmers a week in two pools. However, Evy had increased this within a year to 5 pools and 104 babies swimming with us. From here, the first three levels remained introduced, and Aqua-tots began to grow through Evy’s desire, enthusiasm and instruction ability.

By the go of the millennium, Aqua-tots had run their first teacher training course, now with six teachers to meet the needs of the 500+ swimmers we were teaching each week. Aqua-tots also moved into the office on Brighton Road in 2000, where we are still based, some 19 years later.

Aqua tots first breached the 1,000 swimmers a workweek milestone in 2001. As we also increased to 13 teachers and eight swim levels. As the years rolled on, Aqua-tots never mounted still and continued to develop new classes and skills to meet the rising demands of our young swimmers, recruiting more teachers and increasing the support staff from the office. Today Aqua-tots are still at the front of the baby swim industry. Meaningful the way, having fun knowing how to swim and enjoy the water safely. The passion Evy started in 1997 is still shining through, and it’s with immense pride that Evy understands this in all the Aqua-tots Team daily.

About Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

About Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Co-Founder Paul Preston. “Caregivers need to realize that, and it’s not talked about enough. The public does everything it can to keep its children safe. They install the safest car seats, give them healthy food, and take them to the doctor for checkups. So why wouldn’t they give them the skills they need to prevent the leading cause of death? And those skills can remain learned in swim lessons. We’re here to modify these numbers. That’s what we fight to do every single day.”

Swim lessons are one of the maximum effective ways for children to remain harmless in and around the water. Conferring to Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Consistency in official swim lessons can decrease the risk of drowning by 88% amongst children ages 1-4.

It is essential to note during May. National Drowning Awareness Month when many people pause to focus on the realities of sinking and what can remain done to prevent it. Pool fences and barriers, protected doors and gates. Certified life vests, constant adult supervision, CPR exercise, and swim education all work in layers to keep children harmless in and around the water.

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools-Worldwide Swim School

“When we were teaching children to swim 28 years ago. We were simply meeting a need in our public,” says Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Co-Founder Ron Sciarra. “There were insufficient places where parents could go that would attend to the goals they had for their children in the water. We were eager to do that. We still are. Our task is about far more than swim lessons. It’s about propelling lives. One swim lesson at a time, and we’re proud to have the chance to come alongside families in 100 communities to do that.”

Is Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Excellent?

As far as the Aqua-Tots Swim Schools customer reviews display, its universal rating is 4.0 out of 5. After all, there have been over 393 anonymously left reviews by employees on this site. Furthermore, 76% of employees who work at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools would tell one of their friend to come and work there. Lastly, 68% of respondent are looking forward to the success of this business. This rating has increased by 2 percent over the past 12 month- period. 76 percent of Glassdoor reviews by Aqua-Tots Swim Schools employees, would endorse their friends to come work with them.

Employees evaluated Aqua-Tots Swim Schools on work-life balance score 3.7, culture score 4.1 and career opportunities score 3.8. Install a programme for early years water confidence like adulet & child, and pre-school classes. The importance lies on endowing children with basic locomotor skills and introducing them to the water and the swimming world in a fun way.


Today, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools serves over 100 communities in 14 countries, and our commitment to parents is the same as in 1991. It is the most widely known part of swimming lessons for children and is the backbone of swimming lessons for primary school-aged children.

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