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Can I Send a Fax from iPhone or iPad for Free – 2022

Fax from iPhone or iPad for Free – There are still circumstances where sending or receiving Fax may be necessary, notwithstanding how far technology has come. Fortunately, you can take care of your fax requirements using an app, whether it’s a sporadic occurrence or not. Continue reading to learn how to send and receive faxes on an iPhone or iPad, including two cost-free methods and workarounds for companies with tight privacy regulations.

Many significant sectors, including the legal, healthcare, financial, and government, still use fax machines. In many instances, it has to do with more security in contrast to email’s flaws. Check this post for a more detailed look at the justifications for the continued usage of fax machines. As a separate, it would rarely make sense to own a fax machine still, but there are times when you might need access to faxing. So let’s appearance at a few good options to receive and send a fax with iPhone or iPad.

The first option is a good fit for small to large companies, including those needing HIPAA compliance and end-to-end encryption.

How do you Refer to Fax From iPhone or iPad?

How do you Refer to Fax From iPhone or iPad?

In this instructional exercise, I will tell you the best way to send free faxes from an iPhone or iPad without any problem. Its instructional practice requires the use of the application Easy Fax – Send Fax from Phone. Simple Fax has extraordinary evaluations on both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. It is because EasyFax considers free faxes through credits procured by observing short promotions. Each observed buildup procures two credits, costing ten credits to send one-page Fax.

Despite the occurrence of smart devices like the iPhone, some businesses still send documents over Fax. It is particularly troublesome for small companies or individual users who don’t have entree to a fax machine. Fortunately, there are conducts to send and receive faxes on iPhones and iPad. Several apps and services allow digital communications to remain sent across phone lines to dedicated fax machines. Here’s an appearance at how to fax from iPhone and iPad by way of some best apps and services for sending or getting faxes.

How to refer Fax from iPhone or iPad | Best apps

Fax Burner is among the most popular fax apps available on the Apple Store. This app can send and receive faxes from iOS devices entirely for free. Of course, there remain some limitations: It can only remain used to obtain 25 pages per month and send up to five pages. Still, the app does have several valuable topographies. Dropbox support remains baked-in, meaning you can send files across several devices. Even better, each received Fax remains backed up locally and via email, so it never gets lost. This app should fit the bill nicely if you must sign and return a single document.

Best Free/Paid app – Fax.Plus

Fax. Plus remains another popular iOS fax app. It supports both sending and receiving, including sending faxes from emails. The app can scan and mechanically detect document contents straight from the phone, and several file formats are supported. Like eFax mentioned below, the app includes the option to e-sign documents, removing the need to print and scan them again. It’s also grounded around a web portal, which means you won’t be limited to iOS devices—one of the best features of Fax. Finally, plus is the free tier, but users can pay $0.20 per page to send extra faxes separately. Unlike Fax Burner, though, the free level does not comprise the option to receive faxes.

Best Subscription Service – Efax

Officially, the eFax service is not limited to iOS. All the functions run through the internet, accessible to any web-connected device. It is the best option for power users who want to remain able to send and receive faxes from everything from Android to iPhone devices to Mac and Windows PCs. Numerous features are available, including the skill to e-sign documents and send and receive faxes from an iPhone. Each account is also given a unique toll-free number, as opposed to the randomized number offered in other free apps


Sending a fax from an iPhone or iPad is as simple as scanning the document you want to send through the device’s built-in scanner, adding the recipient’s fax number, and pressing the “Send” button. Additionally, you can choose to attach files from your local Drive or iCloud Drive. Then, install the most recent version of the FAX.PLUS iOS app, finish your free registration, and you can begin sending free faxes from your iPhone and iPad.

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