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Best Blogging Apps – This post is specifically for you if you use a smartphone and are seeking the top blogging applications for mobile devices. We’ll discuss some crucial applications that may assist you with social networking, audience growth, blogging, traffic statistics, productivity, and other tasks. Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Use


Did you see that the WordPress platform remains motorized by over 35% of all places across the web? In addition, WordPress is the #1 CMS (Content Management System) worldwide, which millions of people use.

What Can you do With the WordPress App?

What Can you do With the WordPress App?

The WordPress app is helpful if you’re looking to create content, moderate your blog comments, save content in drafts, or blog on the go. It is also the best app for writing blog posts on the go. Here are some of the valuable features of the WordPress app.

  • You can publish blog posts or sheets on the go
  • You can add photos, and videos from your album or gallery
  • You can answer the new comments
  • You can check your website’s stats in real-time
  • You’ll get announcements about comments, likes, new followers etc., so you can stay updated with your blog user engagement
  • It also offers you WordPress Reader, which you can use to explore thousands of topics by tags


Blogger is a free blogging platform through Google. Most beginners looking to create a free blog usually start their blogging journey with the Blogger platform. You essential a Google account start an allowed blog on Blogger.

What Can you do Through the Blogger App?

If you’re consecutively a Blogger blog and looking to comprise your blog posts from your mobile, you should try the Blogger app. Here are some of the fantastic assistances of using the Blogger app.

  • You can make a post which you can expect as a draft or immediately publish
  • You can edit existing blog posts easily
  • If you’re running numerous blogs on Blogspot, you can easily switch accounts/blog
  • The ability to implant images from the gallery
  • You can, too, add labels to your posts

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a widely rummage-sale web analytics tool which Google offers. It tracks and intelligence your website traffic, where you can find all the details, with your top-performing pages, total users, sessions, bounce rate, etc.

Why Should you Install the Google Analytics app on your Mobile?

If you’re a website traffic nerd who frequently needs to check traffic reports, drops or spikes, you might want to install the Google Analytics app. But, first, sign in with your Google account to use the Google Analytics app.

Here are Some of the valuable Features of this App.

  • You canister monitor real-time traffic data
  • You can check sessions, bounce rates, new users etc. in one place
  • You can become an overview of your website traffic.
  • Compare date ranges and apply segments


Gmail is the world’s #1 free email provider, which Google develops. As of October 2018, Gmail publicized that it has over 1.5 billion lively users.

Why Should you use the Gmail App?

As a blogger, you can’t live deprived of email. You need to procedure a ton of emails daily. From networking through other bloggers to accepting guest post requests, product reviews etc. – you’ll be using your email a lot. Most people use Gmail, which can remain easily integrated with many tools, including email marketing, SEO, etc.

Here are Approximately the Features of Using the Gmail app.

  • You can Undo your emails
  • You can effortlessly switch between multiple accounts
  • You can swipe to archive/delete to quickly clear out your inbox
  • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
  • You can organize your inbox by archiving, labelling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
  • You can also send and receive attachments
  • Above all, you’ll get 15 GB of free storage with each Gmail account.

The Greatest Blogging Stage

We believe that outperforms all additional blogging sites. It is commanding, easy to use, affordable, and the most flexible of all available blogging platforms. Here are all the details on why you must use WordPress.

To assist you in starting your WordPress site, we have shaped a guide on starting a blog in 7 Easy Steps. If you essential help, then WPBeginner’s team of experts can even help set up your blog for free. Study more about our free WordPress blog setup service.

If you’re looking for a WordPress alternative, our second choice for the best blogging platform is or HubSpot. Their drag & drop website builder types make it easy to build any website, from a blog to a business website to an online store, at a very affordable price.


Best Blogging Apps – There are millions of blogs online. Therefore, the best way to create a successful blog is to make the most of your posting time. Over 35% of all websites worldwide utilize WordPress, the top blogging software. Simple customization, a large selection of themes and plugins, SEO friendliness.

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