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Do Clear Cases Turn Yellow? Why do People use Clear Phone Cases?

Clear cases are a terrific way to give your iPhone or Android phone more protection without changing the colour or look of the device. However, one issue with certain clear cases is that they eventually start to seem yellow.

Transparent phone cover materials age more quickly due to two significant factors. The first kind comes from UV light, produced mainly by the sun.

Clear Phone Cases

Are you looking for a clear phone case that will show off your new phone, protect it from bumps, and still be unique to you? Then, create a stunning clear protective phone case by adding your photos and text.

Our phone cases are well-fitted to each device, so you have full access to the features of your phone. For example, we’ve ensured that accessing the charging port is quick and easy, regardless of your phone or clear case type! Fitting corners of your phone, our personalised clear phone cases will ensure all the edges remain protected against bumps and scrapes.

We provide cases for a wide range of devices, select your device below or browse our personalised iPhone and Samsung phone cases here! We use UV inkjet technology to print designs onto the clear case, so your design sits on a transparent background. Better yet, all our clear phone cases are resilient to fade, and our bright coloured ink pops!

Whether you choose toughened polycarbonate or soft silicone material, our cases will provide a layer of protection around your phone’s back and edges, and they feel comfortable when you’re holding your phone.

How to Clean a Clear Case That Turned Yellow

Depending on how old the case is, you may be able to return it to its previous “clear” glory. You can clean off all the buildup from the oils, sweat, and grease from your hands, but you can’t reverse the damage of ultraviolet light. For the baking soda method, sprinkle the powder all over the case, especially any mainly yellow spots. Get a toothbrush wet, scrub the case, and make a nice lather. Don’t get the chance to get too wet.

For rubbing alcohol, don’t apply the rubbing alcohol directly to the case. Instead, get a damp paper towel or cleaning cloth and scrub the issue. Rubbing alcohol can also damage silicone, so don’t overdo it.

Customise Your Clear Phone Case

A clear phone case usually comes from the phone itself. While it serves the primary purpose of protecting your phone, it doesn’t give an aesthetic look. Instead, it looks plain and boring. We know that a cover is not to show off but to protect your phone but what is the harm if it can do both things simultaneously?

Also, we often keep essential things like a metro card, some money and an ID on our phone covers, and we don’t want anyone to see them for privacy reasons and because it doesn’t look nice. So, what is the answer to all this?

There is a straightforward solution. Just customise your clear phone cover. Now, you would be wondering how to do it. Fret not, because we are here in some simple ways. With these easy tricks, you can change the look of your transparent phone case at home with minimal effort. Trust me, it will look fantastic, and your phone cover will grab all the eyeballs.

How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

If you like to put a little personal touch on the things you use daily, decorating your phone case is a sweet way to do it. Clear phone cases give you an excellent opportunity to show off your style.

In search of inspiration for how to decorate a clear phone case? We have a few ideas that can help spark your creativity. These are seven remarkable ways to decorate your transparent phone case.

Clear phone cases appear great—until they become dirty. Since phone cases g et inundated with pocket debris and finger oil, they quickly stain and even turn yellow. Fortunately, you can prevent this from becoming fashionable with some household cleaners. Dish soap is suitable for regular maintenance, but use rubbing alcohol or baking soda for tougher stains. Whether your case is plastic or rubber and silicone, you can wash it to prevent it from discolouring. With even maintenance, your case will last longer than it usually would.


one of the most excellent alternatives is a transparent smartphone cover as it’s lightweight and efficiently protects the smartphone’s front, back, and sides. Clear hard plastic continues to remain used for the phone case. We make use of the strongest plastics the phone industry has to offer.

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