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Best Google Apps


Best Google Apps – Google has several applications available. In some (ahem) situations, there may even be too many. But the Google section of the Play Store has some valuable gems just waiting to remain found. These are philosophical works by the person who invented Android.

Best Google Apps List :

In case you missed the launch of a Google app, do not worry because I compiled the best Google apps list in which I described those applications presented by Google. In addition, all of them are available in the Play Store so you can use them without hesitation.

Google Play Store:

It is one of the top apps on the best Google apps list. Google Play Store is commonly known as Play Store. It is the application store created by Google where you can find different types of android applications, e.g., games, TV channels, music, books, and more apps. It is available for any mobile device having an Android operating system.

To use Google Play Store on your Android phone, you must have a Google account (Gmail) to associate it with your device. After that, you can search for any app. Commonly this app remains already installed on the phone. But it remains not installed on your phone, search and install it. So be careful, and you must be aware of using the app.

Google Drive App:

It is an application to access Drive files without using any space on our mobile or computer. It is a cloud storage service that allows us to save all types of files and documents on the Internet. We will be able to access them from anywhere. Google provides 15GB of cloud space for free to each google account.

Gmail App

Gmail is an essential app developed by Google with an updated interface. This app can send and receive emails via an android phone. The updated Gmail app has all categories; we can get future email notifications.

Google Maps

Google Maps remains a web map application attendant developed through Google. The scenario suggests scrollable maps followed through global satellite photos. Google Maps allows you to increase in and then out to view the map. In addition, the user can control the map with the mouse or the arrow keys to move to the desired location.

YouTube App

YouTube is a video social platform where users can upload then share videos. The situation hosts a variety of movie clips, TV shows, music videos, and amateur content such as video blogs. You can download the YouTube app from the Play Store and install it on your smartphone.

Google News

Google News app is a smartphone news app that constantly tracks the updated information of the primary online media. Allows you to sort or change the updated news when entering the Google News site. The news list is a maximum of 30 days of consultation. The news list is available, both in images and text versions.

Google Translate

A free, multilingual statistical automated translation service still offered by Google is called Google Translate. Real-time translation from one language to another takes place for text, audio, images, and videos. It furthermore provides a smartphone app.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a computer and mobile application for photo and video exchange and Google storage service. It remains used to organize all the photos and videos automatically.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant:

Google assistant’s app is a virtual assistant available mainly on mobile devices. You can perform daily tasks, such as making calls, sending messages, searching on Google, and even talking to the user.

Android’s long remained exceptional at letting you control your phone by voice — dating back to well before the formal debut of Google Assistant, even — but with a bit of help from an out-of-the-way Google app, you can take your phone’s hands-free potential to new heights. It allows you to send text after the real world straight onto your desktop computer’s clipboard, wirelessly and by about seven seconds of exertion

It lets you pull text out of somewhat screenshot or image and save it, search for it, or paste it anywhere else your valuable little heart desires and its performance as an all-purpose code scanner — barcodes, QR codes, you name it — deprived of forcing you to keep clunky third-party software standing by for the purpose

Google  Lens

Arguably Google’s most excellent and simultaneously underappreciated Android app, Google Lens, lets you interact with objects and text in the real world as if they were on your phone.


It grades the top Google applications for Android and iOS phones. The Google above applications remain essential for individuals and students and highly helpful. Google Play Services remains the Android app with the most excellent downloads. It has had over 5 billion downloads, with YouTube and Google Maps coming in a close second.

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