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What is Audio Buckle and Some Effects and Uses


Polk Audio’s latest addition to the crowded on-ear headphone market, the Buckle, may seem like a throwback to the pilgrim-themed days of our ancestors. Still, it’s just another offering in the company’s heritage collection. A range of simple products exemplify Polk’s calculated emphasis on rustic style with a minimalist twist.

Stylistically, the Buckle appears to live up to its name, featuring a worn leather overlay on the shackle, a muted color scheme, and chunky matte metal notches. At the Polka Grounds, the passer-by is pictured alongside a bottle of whiskey, a passport, and even a compass on a leather strap, ready to take you on a tin-tin-style steamship adventure.

But the $200 phones also offer modern conveniences, including an innovative iOS control system and a microphone built into the bezel. We recently took the Loop on our adventure and discovered how far it transcends the aesthetic landscape and into the real world of modern audio.

What is Audio Buckle and Some Effects and Uses

One or more speakers remained attached to the belt buckle housing. They remain directed away from the user’s body, a housing for the user’s first end of the buckle and accommodation for the user’s opposing end of the pin holding the strap around the user’s waist make up an audio buckle.

A device that receives audio input is connected to at least one speaker and attached to the belt buckle housing. Accept audio information from an audio source.

The display area for displaying a message remains on the front surface of the belt buckle housing, primarily planar, in the acoustic belt buckle of the claim. A cartoon character makes up the popular culture figure in Claim 4’s audio belt buckle.

The belt buckle of claim 1 has a wireless input receiver as the audio input receiver, as stated in the claim.

In the belt buckle of claim 1. Wherein the audio input receiver includes an audio socket designed to accept an audio plug, the audio socket remains electrically connected to a minimum of one speaker. The audio plug consists of a length of wire connected to an input audio jack at the distal end and an output audio jack at the proximal end. The input audio jack remains connected to the audio source, and the output audio jack to the audio socket.

The audio buckle of claim 1 includes a microphone and a power source for the microphone. The microphone consists of an acoustic to an electric sensor that transforms a sound into an electrical signal. The microphone is connected to the audio input receiver to receive the electrical signal as the audio input.

The loop and pin remain on the exterior of the belt buckle housing pin to fit into a hole on the opposite end of the belt. While the coil remains meant to link the belt’s initial end.

The belt of the right one further comprises an audio source housed inside the buckle housing; a music decoder connected to the audio source and adapted to decode an audio signal from the audio source. And a user interface housed inside the buckle housing, the user interface including an audio input control.

The audio belt of claim 1. Where the housing for the belt also has a port for receiving an audio source, and the port remains designed to removably accept the audio source. The following components make up an belt buckle. A belt buckle housing with a front cover, a back cover, a center cavity, and an audio source receiving port. At least one speaker remains attached to the audio buckle housing pointed away from the user’s body. The belt buckle housing remains coupled to the first end of audio and remains designed to secure an opposing future to hold the strap around a user’s waist.

An audio input receiver remains connected to the belt buckle housing. With the audio input receiver set up to take audio input from the audio source and connected to at least one speaker; an amplifier

The speaker assembly remains detachably attached to the bracket. Adding to the audio of claim The speaker assembly remains still housed inside the belt housing. And the frame remains still intended to stay fastened to the user’s belt to lock the user’s first end of the waistband to the opposing end of the belt. The Buckles have a lot going for them. Including a distinctive appearance, robust components, a secure fit, and good audio quality. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t some disadvantages.


The Polk Audio Buckle are well-built, robust headphones with a dark, bass-heavy sound. However, they have a premium appearance and feel and are adequate. For mixed usage, the Polk Audio Buckle is, at best, average. However, they are moderately comfy, well-built headphones and have a quality appearance.

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