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Where is Loop Earplugs Based? Where to Buy Loop Earplugs?

The new Loop earplug for music lowers decibels and has a gorgeous design. Loop’s five trendy colours and acoustic channel and filter for natural sound help wearers prevent hearing loss without appearing nerdy. Perhaps you are already aware of the benefits of using earplugs. However, you don’t because they are unpleasant, odd-sounding, and even stranger-looking. Loop, a new earplug manufacturer, protects your ears in style and comfort, so be ready to toss away all your excuses and hit the dance floor.

Loop Technology Earplugs

Loop Technology Earplugs

Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O. founded loop. They started Loop because they couldn’t find a solution for contented, stylish, and quality ear defence after a night of clubbing. “When going out, I want to like the atmosphere,” states Bodewes. “Most earplugs one-sided the music, were uncomfortable–not to reference downright ugly. Loud music damages your hearing in the long term. Conventional earplugs can help – as can these innovative high-tech rings that resemble an exclusive, stylish, excellent accessory worn in the ear.

The Loop earplugs have a minor hole where complete enters. They then permit through the hollow acoustic channel and join the ear while maintaining clarity, comfort, style, and quality ear protection.

There are a handful of earplugs, but many focus on quality. Loop, however, worked in collaboration with Dynamic Ear Company in the Netherlands, a leader in hearing protection, to develop and design the acoustic channel and filter. Next, to produce Loop’s earplugs, the company partnered with 3D Systems. Lastly, they partnered with Comply to create comfortable foam tips for their ear protection.

Loop Earplugs: A Product

Loop Earplugs were created about a year ago, in the early fall of 2020. The product’s main goal was to help make everyday noises quieter without silencing them. The product was a hit and began to sell out quickly. But people weren’t using them to muffle noises from loud sounds at a shooting range or playing drums in a loud band

Loop Earplugs notes how people use these hearing devices by saying, “The moments of rest can be equally exhilarating and refreshing. If we take the time to filter out the noise, we can focus, relax and reconnect. We can achieve new levels of balance and confidence with quiet power.”

Comfort Check

A foreign thing in your ear can only be so comfortable, especially when trying to remain thrifty. For a good pair of plugs, Loops do an excellent job at making your ears feel alright for a night. For one, the acoustic channel on the outer part of your ear remains made from hypoallergenic plastic, which means it won’t annoy your skin. They come with three sets of ear instructions that you stick on the finish of the acoustic channel

Style Check

Comfort and sound aside, style is what they’ve really got going on. As far as earplugs go, Loops are as heck. The audio channel forms a ring that, when in your ear, looks like some ear jewellery. You can get them in numerous colours, including “Raving Red” and “Glorious Gold” – although this is more like silver with a tint of ombre.

Loop Earplugs come in different models

Most readers of this blog should opt for the Loop Experience; these are like so many others on the market in terms of noise reduction. These reduce volumes by 18 decibels and will be perfect in most club and festival settings. Then there’s the Loop Experience Pro which has an added insert called “mute” for 5 decibels of protection.

There’s also the Loop Quiet line which is a unique product for when you want near silence. Not meant for the dance floor, I gave the 27 decibels noise reduction a try for sleeping in a noisy environment, and I was genuinely impressed. I’ve struggled with several different earplugs for sleeping at camping festivals, and these were the first ones that stayed comfortably in my ears all night. Emphasis on comfort!


Different variants of Loop Earplugs are available for various application scenarios, making the product line extremely adaptable.

Most blog readers should choose the Loop Experience since it reduces noise, similarly to many other products on the market. These are ideal for most club and festival environments and cut sound by 18 dB. The Loop Experience Pro also contains an additional insert dubbed “mute” for 5 decibels of protection.

The Loop Quiet series is also a unique product for situations when near quiet remains desired. I tried the 27-decibel noise reduction, which was not intended for the dance floor but for sleeping in a noisy atmosphere, and I was impressed. I’ve battled with several types of earplugs for camping sleep.!

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