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Business Success Tips Keys to Create a Market-Fit Product

Business Success Tips – It sounds so straightforward. However, I see many entrepreneurs starting their businesses without a good product. They create the journey with the question “What can I sell?” instead of “What do people want to buy?” It doesn’t mean they’ll sell well if you are passionate about candles and love making them.

To figure out a successful business, you must start with the customers’ needs and market gaps rather than things

Attention to What’s Important

As a usual entrepreneur, you might start a few projects or even run a few businesses simultaneously. It might be OK to do it initially when you are still probing for the “right” business knowledge. However – it might remain counter-productive in the long run.

The general rule of thumb is – The fewer things you do, the more you can focus on critical projects, and the more accurate you will be in each of them. Once you find the business/project you trust – try to “chop off” other projects and concentrate on the most critical/money-making one. Remember the 80/20 Pareto Principle? Discover what the 20 per cent of the motorists are that will result in 80 per cent of output. Streamlined and straightforward business models typically work much improved than compound ones.

Develop your Management Skills

One of my favourite sayings is – “you can’t be a bread maker and run an effective bakery simultaneously”. You must step away from day-to-day work and delegate responsibility to your team to succeed. It might be difficult, mainly if you run a small business. However, building a team you can rely on is very important. Your business needs to function effectively without you working in it. And ideally, without you even managing it.

To build a great team, you must become a countless leader. Treat your employees with respect, recognise their successes, be an example and inspiration, and establish clear goals and expectations through clear communication.

Look After Your Customer

Long delivery times, a problematic refund policy, sacrifices in product quality (to cut costs), etc. So, if you are one of those “money savers,” it will be problematic for you to build a successful business.

We are in commercial because of our customers. If clients decide that your business is not giving them well sufficient, that a competitor is offering them an improved service – it’s the beginning of the end. Continuously remember that and never become one of those businesses that lose the connection with the customer through trying to save some cash.

Find Time to Think

It is my favourite one. I can see many businesspersons are very busy. Every day you’ve become a massive To-do list to the whole, with many meetings to attend and decisions to make. You are employed on your business so much, so there is scarcely any time and energy left for thinking.

When was the last time you sat in peace, with a blank piece of paper before you, thinking of your business model? About your future growth strategy? About the most critical KPIs and objectives? About your customers’ needs? What is your staff and what is their future professional development?

I bet you don’t remember when you last did it. Unfortunately, while caught up in the day-to-day roller coaster business, you probably miss out on some essential and fundamental things.

Take a “day off”, switch your phone off, close your laptop, sit down, and think about your business. I promise you; that you’ll come to conclusions in these sessions that will be very useful and valuable. Dedicated “thinking” time is the best business coaching ever.


Business Success Tips – Running commercial sounds like a massive and challenging undertaking. Still, in reality, there are just a few elements that every business owner needs to focus on to create and run a positive business. So here are the parts you need to focus on to learn how to run a business.

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