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Brooks Launch GTS 8 – Introduction, And More.

Brooks Launch GTS 8 – While keeping the GuideRails stability feature while modifying the labels and the fit of their stability shoes, Brooks combined its neutral and stability line-ups. Taking the moniker “Launch” from Brooks’ neutral shoe and adding “GTS,” the light-stability model changed from Ravenna 11 to Launch GTS 8, with “GTS” now standing for “Go To Support” rather than the previous abbreviation “Go To Shoe.”

Speed is the focus of Launch, and those needing more stability remain directed to attempt Launch GTS. GuideRails on Launch GTS act as exercise wheels on a bike, guiding the foot from excess pronation back into helpful alignment with the knee to avoid injury.

The Launch 9 GTS comes with a 2 mm. more BioMoGo midsole for increased responsive cushion Adrenaline GTS is the best of both worlds: fast and supportive but with a softer LOFT cushion than Launch. In addition, Brooks’ plush stability model Glycerin GTS contrasts the light and quick Launch GTS.

Brooks Launch GTS 8 Sole Unit

Like the GTS 8—only with an additional 2 mm. of padding—the GTS 9 has a midsole made of Brooks’ eco-friendly BioMoGo DNA foam, a firm and springy foam that also breaks down 50x faster than EVA to contribute less waste

Adding to the environmental advantage is the Green Rubber silica rummage sale in the outsole rather than a petroleum base.

The Grasp and Midsole Wear is about Average

Brooks Launch GTS 8 – GuideRails were presented to Brooks stability in the 2013 Transcend and remained notably improved in 2019. GuideRails exist to let each runner’s unique stride while guiding the foot into improved alignment with knees to minimize torque on knees and hips.

One GuideRail is on the side heel, and the other runs along the medial side mid-heel through the arch. The Rails are midsole foam that extends up to border the sides of the upper, there to counter excess motion if you need it but easily ignored if you do not.

This sole shone in speedwork and performed improved than expected over coldness. My longest run in this shoe remained 5 miles, one sunset at dusk, followed by nine more at dawn the next morning. It felt like a long track where I settled into a pleasant gait with sufficient cushion and spring-back. I had no complaints about how this shoe achieved during speed intervals or steady-pace distance.

At the challenging time, I am consecutively in the Lululemon Blissfeel, which has a more considerable width under the heel. Runners who prefer more of an improper for longer runs will want to look to Blissfeel or the ASICS GT-2000 10, in addition to Brooks’ more substantial support shoes Glycerin GTS and Beast/Ariel.

The sole unit is genuinely the high point of this shoe for me. With about 100 miles on the shoe, I feel a tiny dip at the ball of the foot below the sock liner, which means that it is holding up well to be a durable shoe—a typical benefit from Brooks.

Who must buy the Brooks Launch GTS 8

Who must buy the Brooks Launch GTS 8

you run tempo. you poverty a stability trainer to rotate with Brooks replicas like the Adrenaline GTS 21 or the Glycerin GTS 19 it would help if you had an economical running shoe

What is Difference: Launch GTS 8 vs Ravenna 11

Brooks Launch GTS 8 – To rationalize its shoe models, Brooks finally renamed the Ravenna to Launch GTS. Marking this change, here are about of the updated

Features from the Launch GTS 8

More breathability due to the new Air Mesh upper

Smoother changes and toughness, thanks to the added rubber at the forefoot like other stability shoes, the Launch GTS 8 offers “very mild” support. In addition, experts say that the GuideRails are almost “invisible” and only work when needed, making the ride adaptive and NOT restrictive.

How Does it Help?

As a stability model, the situation remains targeted toward runners who suffer from overpronation or excessive inward foot rolling. But it doesn’t solely pay attention to the underfoot support. In its place, the shoe remains designed to control overpronation by guiding and stabilizing the runner’s knees. In addition, the GuideRails technology reduces excess shin and heel rotation, keeping the knee’s natural motion safe.

Contrary to the Launch 8, the shoe has more midfoot rubber coverage, making more grip for a slip-free trip. To add to the shoe’s constancy, it has a broader stage than the Launch 8 for an improved foot plant.


Brooks Launch GTS 8—The Brooks Launch GTS 9 is a strong, lightweight, supportive shoe with a quick feel. For the price, it offers exceptional cushion, stability, and longevity. The term “GTS” stands for “Go-To-Support.” We provide holistic support using our Guiderails technology so that your hips, knees, and joints may move as they would normally. Shop for supporting GTS Shoes by clicking here. To get waterproof GTX Shoes, click here.

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