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About Trillium Trading

Trillium Trading, LLC is a leading branded electronic equity trading firm. The firm has over 100 knowledgeable traders working in its New York City, Chicago, IL, Miami and Austin, TX offices. It is one of the most active and innovative firms in its industry.

Equity traders make instantaneous buy and sell choices and place orders on a keyboard-based trading stage while under the direction of a Senior Trainer/Trader. This place offers a high amount of autonomy and independent decision from an early stage of employment. Recruits enter a highly planned training class where they will begin their journey to be a career short-term equities trader. The position starts with a base salary, and our prop account fully funds the trading account. We cover In addition, well the training costs an

A successful Trillium applicant is a current year college graduate with strong analytical and numerical skills, a competitive, self-motivated character, and a record of attainment in academics, student businesses, games or varsity sports. Must have strong attention in financial markets and work/compete effectively under intense pressure. A major in economics, mathematics, or finance is preferred but not required. 3.3 + Cumulative GPA preferred.

Trillium Trading also targets college Juniors entering their Senior year for our Summer Trading Intern Program, where we seek potential recruits at an even earlier phase of their college career. Further details are always available on our website in the careers section.

Trillium. The very name is identical to spring wherever they grow. Even the non-botanically minded amongst us could pick one out of a lineup. This remarkable genus holds a special place in my heart, and I anxiously await their return every year. The journey from seed to highpoint plant is arduous for a trillium, and some may take for granted how much time has elapsed from the moment the first root pushes through the seed coat to the magnificent flowers we admire each spring. But, like any other plant, the story of a Trillium starts with a seed.

As with various other spring ephemerals, Trilliums belong to that group of floras that use ants as seed dispersers. One alternative in an ant midden, a Trillium seed, plays the waiting game. Known as double dormancy, their seeds grow in two phases. After a year of secretive, a root will appear, followed by a young rhizome and cotyledon. Here the plant remains, living off the massive store of sunlight saved up in the endosperm for another year. Finally, the plant will throw up its first leaf after this second year underground.

In its fourth year of development, the Trillium seedling will finally crop the characteristic whorl of 3 leaves we are familiar. Now the real waiting game begins. Growing for a short period each year and often in shady conditions, Trilliums must bide their time before enough energy savings to produce a flower. Creating a flower can take a single Trillium for 7 to 8 years in an optimal setting. If conditions aren’t the best, it may take over ten years! Slow and steady wins the contest in the type Trillium. A large populace of flowering Trillium could easily be 40 or 50 years old!

Sadly, when you couple this slow lifestyle with their undeniable beauty, you begin to spell disaster for wild trillium populations. A plant that takes that long to germinate and flower isn’t the most marketable species for most nurseries, and, as a result, Trillium are some of the most frequently poached plants in the wild. Because of their slow growth rate, poached populations rarely recover, and small plots of land can quickly be cleared of Trilliums by a few greedy people. So leave wild Trilliums in the wild!


Light: Trillium grows best in a partly-shaded, deciduous woodland habitat and along wet areas in the forest. The further South they grow, the more shade they will require. Soil: Trillium grows well in fertile, moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter.

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