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Top 7 Competitors & Alternatives to – The closest competitor to kemono. The party is kemono. Su,, and picaro. Tv. To understand more about kimono. Party and its competitors, sign up for a free account to explore Semrush’s Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer tools.

List of Competitors In November 2023:

  • Su, with 467.12M visits, 25 authority score, 24.97% bounce rate
  • com, 768.19K visits, 38 authority score, 48.31% bounce rate
  • Tv, with 4.91M visits, 40 authority score, 75.71% bounce rate
  • to, with 178.9M visits, 54 authority score, 30.5% bounce rate
  • fan box. cc, with 144.55M visits, 58 authority score, 72.62% bounce rate
  • net, with 90.68M visits, 65 authority score, 26.73% bounce rate
  • net, with 3.71M visits, 13 authority score, 57.42% bounce rate

Are There Free Patreons?

Are There Free Patreons_ – All fans can join for free if their creator has a free offering on their page. Some creators may only show their paid options prominently on their Patreon. You’ll know a creator offers this option if you see a Join for Free button on their page.

What Can I Access When I Join For Free?

You get updates about a creator’s posts directly to your inbox when you join for free. Never miss an announcement or content that’s exclusive to Patreon!

Upgrading to a paid membership

Some creators may only offer free membership; however, if your creator does have paid membership offerings, here’s how to upgrade to a paid tier:

  • Desktop
  • App

Make sure you follow this guide while in your member profile. Click on your profile in the bottom left angle and click on your member profile.

  • Click on the creator’s name in the Free Memberships section of the left navigation.
  • Click on the Upgrade button on the creator’s Patreon
  • Click the Join button for the paid tier you’d like to switch to
  • Review your billing date and click the Subscribe Now button
  • Enjoy the perks of your paid membership!

Story of Patreon

Story of Patreon

Over a decade ago, musician Jack Conte remained looking for a solution: millions of people cherished his videos on YouTube, but only hundreds of dollars remained to hit his bank account. This didn’t add up. So he called his friend Sam Yam. Also, together, they started Patreon, a new way to connect people, making incredible things for those who want to pay for them. Since then, the Patreon team has remained on a mission to put creators in control of their work and their futures by firming up the bond between them and their communities.


Patreon remains the finest place for creators to build community with their biggest fans, share select work, and turn their passions into lasting creative businesses. Starting a Patreon remains free for makers and their fans. If they want to start earning an income, they can select to launch their numerical shop or run a paid membership. Here, creators get a direct line to their communities. That means they never have to worry about ads or procedures getting in between them and the people who matter most.

Our Numbers

We were founded by a creator, with creators in mind. We make every choice with one goal in mind — to get creators paid.

  • Eight million+ monthly active members
  • Members support the creators they love in exchange for exclusive benefits.
  • 250,000+ creators on Patreon
  • Our platform provides thousands of creators the opportunity to create on their terms.
  • $3.5 billion paid out to creators
  • Since 2013, we have paid over 3.5 billion dollars to Patreon creators.

There Mission – They are proud and interested that makers come to Patreon for creative freedom and ownership. We take that responsibility significantly and have fun fulfilling that mission together.

At Patreon, we spend every day building toward a future where creators remain in control, and the natural community thrives. It’s a future where makers can make what stimulates them most without worrying about feeding an unpredictable, ever-changing algorithm. And it’s a future where fans and creators have a direct line of access to one another, with nothing standing in between.

Suppose you want to dive even deeper into our vision. In that case, They partnered with creators Theo Garnot and Gregcicle’s Greg Edwards to build a communicating artwork narrated by Jack about the most significant problems creators face. And also how they plan to solve them.

How Much Money Has The Patreon Appraised?

How Much Money Has The Patreon Appraised_

Patreon consumes raised dollar 413.3 million throughout its more than eight funding rounds.4 The most recent top savers include Tiger Global Management Lone Pine Capital. And also Woodline Partners. The most significant recent round of funding remained a Series F in April 2021, bringing in $155 million.

Previous funding rounds raised the following:

  • Seed round: $2.1 million, nine investors
  • Series A: $15.3 million, 17 investors
  • Series B: $30 million, seven investors
  • Series C: $59.4 million, 6 investorschart
  • Series D: $60 million, ten investors
  • Series E: $90 million, four investors
  • Series F: $155 million, three investors

How Much Does Patreon Make? – Patreon takes a proportion of the profit from the creators, depending on their selected payment level.

For example, if a creator selects the lite subscription, Patreon will take 5%. For the pro, the app takes 8%; for the premium level, Patreon takes 12%. Patreon also takes payment dispensation fees every time a contribution remains made to a creator. For expenditures less than $3, the app charges 5% plus $0.10. For payments more than dollar 3, there is a 2.9% fee plus $0.30.

However, all fees remain charged at cost, meaning the app only profits from the additional charge. The fee goes to the payment dispensat3ion partners, including Mastercard10, Visa, and American Express. And also PayPal

How Far Do Patreon Creators Make?

At the end of Sep. 2020, over 200,000 makers had collectively earned dollar 2 billion. The first billion took six years for makers to make, but the additional billion took just over a year.5

Has The Patreon Number Of Operators Increased Recently? – The app consumes continued to grow, with transfers nearing 470,000 times in June 2021, a month & month upsurge of 6.75%. Additionally, the app ranked 475 among web-sites at the end of April 2021. Currently, there remain over 250,000 active creators.


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