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How do I Connect My GoPro to Volta?

GoPro Volta – Add a delayed handgrip and additional battery life to your HERO10, HERO9, HERO8, or MAX act camera with the Volta Battery Grip from GoPro. The grip remains based on the bottom of your camera. It provides 3x the battery power of your standard GoPro battery, allowing you to record 5.3K video over four hours.

Volta is a battery grip, tripod, and remote control for HERO10 and HERO9 Black cameras. Volta has a built-in 4900 mAh battery which triples the battery life of a HERO10/9 Black camera. The camera can remain controlled via a USB cable or Bluetooth. The Mounting Fingers at the top of the grip rotate 360 degrees with a detent every 90 degrees.

The keys on the handle allow you to control the camera settings wirelessly and up to 98′ away with one hand. Flip-out legs will enable you to use the grip as a tripod. Other features include a USB Type-C output to charge accessories, weather resistance, and compatibility with all GoPro mods and accessories.

Mount your GoPro to Volta Using the Top Mounting Fingers.

Heads Up: Insert your camera into the mounting fingers with the USB Pass-Through Door on the side opposite the Thumb Screw. Rotate the mounting fingers if needed to ensure that your camera is mounted correctly.

Plug Volta’s USB cable into your camera.

Press the Battery Status button to start sending power to your camera.

Using Volta to Control Your GoPro

Volta can remain used to control your GoPro, whether mounted or detached from the grip. Set up wireless control now so you can separate your GoPro anytime you see a great shot that needs a wireless setup. Use Bluetooth to turn Volta into a wireless remote. Wireless control remains also used to control your GoPro using Volta with Media Mod. Volta will enter power save mode if it remains unused for 24 hours. Press any button to wake it up.

Disconnect Volta’s Bluetooth connection to your camera if you want to connect your camera to the GoPro Quik app. Press the Bluetooth button to disconnect.

Volta can only pair and connect to one camera at a time.

How long is the GoPro Volta?

GoPro speaks the Volta, like the GoPro itself, is weather-resistant and fit for rain and snow circumstances. That said, the company did not stipulate an IP rating or any further details on what degree of resistance should remain expected.

To that point, the Volta can’t stay used with the GoPro underwater, and the company says that doing so will harm it and any attached GoPro camera. However, the Volta can charge the GoPro and any other USB-C expedient and takes 2.5 hours to charge from unfilled when used with the GoPro Supercharger.

The GoPro Volta has two GoPro-style joining points: one on the top of the grasp for the GoPro and the other for assigning other accessories that can remain popped in and out depending on its use. In addition, the bottom of the Volta has a characteristic 1/4-20 screw mount which lets it attach to various other camera accessories like tripod plates.

To see extra information regarding country certifications, refer to the Significant Product + Safety Instructions included with your remote. The Bluetooth word mark and logos remain registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks is under license

GoPro’s New Volta Battery Grip Allows 4 Hours of 5.3K Video Capture

GoPro has launched the Volta switch grip that not only provides the aid of a handheld grip but also brings improved access to the camera’s controls and a beefy battery that possibilities to allow for finished four hours of 5.3K video footage.

Described as a motorized control grip, the Volta features built-in camera buttons that allow users to function a GoPro Hero10 with one hand while as long as enough extra battery power to enable more footage time meaningfully.

The fitted 4900 mAh battery combines with the Hero10’s battery to triple its everyday life at higher resolutions with even more runtime at lower resolutions. Specifically, the Volta allows over four hours of 5.3K recording at 30 frames per second.


But it’s extra than that. The GoPro Volta is a grip, remote, tripod, and external battery in a tiny, lightweight system. The Volta can perform as a wireless remote that can control the GoPro from up to 98 feet away. It also has a set of tripod legs that flip out, allowing it to be usual on a surface to capture long stationary shots or time-lapses.

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