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About Crypto Banter YouTube – Smart Tech Crunch – 2022

Crypto Banter YouTube


Crypto Banter YouTube – It might be challenging to learn about cryptocurrencies because there are so many types of tokens available. The more popular cryptos have already received much publicity, but hundreds of other currencies are less well-covered. As a result, there are ever more new crypto YouTubers that specialise in altcoins. One of them, Crypto Banter, is a top-trending cryptocurrency channel on YouTube.

Who is Crypto Banter?

The primary personality and founder of Crypto Banter are Ran Neuner, a South African resident and crypto expert featured on CNBC. Like most crypto personalities on Twitter, Neuner frequently tweets about blockchain and Crypto. He started Crypto Banter as a live, weekday call-in show where anyone can ask him questions about cryptocurrencies.

Since then, Crypto Banter has added several more hosts. You can watch the Crypto Banter broadcast live on weekdays at 10 a.m. ET, and the show range from half an hour to an hour long. Besides taking questions and talking with special guests, Crypto Banter covers various cryptocurrency trading topics. These may include chart patterns, crypto trading indicators, individual altcoins, and broader issues such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Should you Trust Crypto Banter YouTube?

Since Crypto Banter now comprises more than a single host, it’s trickier to judge whether the channel is reliable. Crypto Banter’s website includes an ethics and integrity section that details its transparency-related commitments. One big problem among crypto influencers is that they can efficiently pump and dump small cryptocurrencies. Since many altcoins are volatile, a single big channel or influencer can skyrocket prices. It would be illegal in any other market, but it’s managed to slide into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

All hosts on Crypto Banter must disclose their monthly holdings on the website. Additionally, none of the guests or hosts on the platform accept payment for their appearances and interviews on the show, whether in fiat Crypto. It’s even possible to report breaches in ethical conduct to a separate email address. In terms of transparency, Crypto Banter seems to do a pretty good job

Why Crypto Banter YouTube?

Why Crypto Banter YouTube?

Firstly let’s start with why Crypto? Whether you similar it or not, it’s a determination to be the way of the future. There’s never remained a better time to invest in future technologies. The Crypto Banter community is a FREE online community led by a team of very successful Crypto Currency investors, claiming to be the world’s first 24/7 interactive social cast for the crypto community. Currently, they have over 125k subscribers growing at a staggering rate of 1000-2000 subscribers a day! Even Paris Hilton is stalking out this channel, probably due to its massive giveaway of coins worth 3-5 million after achieving 250k subscribers.

Crypto Banter is the world’s first 24/7 interactive social cast for the crypto community. Get the latest news, views, interviews and live conversations worldwide. It is where YOU call in, make the show, and bring the banter. Crypto Banter’s line-up includes expert hosts worldwide, ensuring you get the most accurate and up-to-date crypto information at your fingertips.

Is Crypto Banter YouTube Legit

Is crypto banter legit? We bring you live-flowing coverage of the global Crypto markets and give you the chance to. It remains a legit service, and not only that, it looks imposing. The trading app offers a fast, easy and safe way to buy Crypto at an actual cost using a debit credit bank card.

And I will tell you now that it is possible. On average, the long-run Gregs system shows about 11 winners out of every 12 trades, making it one of the most excellent and reliable crypto-trading systems we use. Scammers will pose as official representatives of a company or project to appear legitimate.


A popular source for live streaming, news, and educational Bitcoin, Defi, NFT, blockchain, and other cryptocurrency-related content is Crypto Banter, a YouTube channel. The Crypto Banter staff has interviewed prominent business figures, academics, and seasoned traders.

The channel wants to keep its viewers’ fingers on the learning pulse. They encourage their audience to engage in the best trades and investments possible and become a part of this rapidly growing community.

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