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What is Special About Berkeley Springs Trading Post

The Berkeley Springs Trading Post (Store) situate in Morgan’s United States’ West Virginian county. Berkeley Springs Trading Post’s address is 47 Union St, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, 25411, United States. Many places remain listed around Berkeley Springs Trading Post, and is now covering 74 locations nearby.


Even the pickiest patrons will be satisfied at a restaurant in Berkeley Springs. The menu at Angus and Ale includes enormous burgers, ribs that fall off the bone, and a variety of fresh fish. Property #12 that Lot 12 Public House was named after when Berkeley Springs was still the Town of Bath and serves everything from crisp roasted duck to Tuscan-grilled swordfish. They take pride in becoming a dining destination with not just fantastic food but also.


On the weekends, unwind while seeing a movie at the historic Star Movie Theatre. The Historic Theatres of West Virginia Trail includes The Star Theatre as a destination. The Morgan Arts Council base in the Ice House Art Center hosts adult and juvenile art and movement workshops, concerts, gallery exhibitions, talks, and community theatre. More than 30 local and regional artisans’ works are available at the Ice House Co-Op exhibition. Every weekend, live music play at some venues.


Go on a shopping spree around the old downtown, where you can buy anything from antiques to cheese, gourmet oils, Himalayan crafts, jewellery, clothing, and presents. First, visit the Berkeley Springs Antiques Mall to see the collection offered by 30 vendors. Delicate meats and cheeses are the Fleur de Lis Cheese Shop’s speciality. In addition, furniture, music, toys, games, kitchenware, sewing materials, electronics, books, and much more are available at the Rag Shop, a thrift shop.


Berkeley Springs State Park, in the centre of the city, offers a variety of activities. In addition to a historic Roman Bath House and a mineral bath, the park has an outdoor pool, a public tap with complimentary spring water, and open spring pools for cooling off. The 6,000-acre Cacapon Resort State Park features lake activities, hiking and mountain bike routes, equestrian riding, vacation accommodations, golfing, and eating options. With your friends and family, it’s the ideal spot to unwind and have fun.


Berkeley Springs, recognised as the first spa in the nation, has a distinctive past. George Washington supported the spring’s healing properties and was a frequent visitor to the region. The replica of George Washington’s bathtub is still open today and is so well-known that it has a holiday dedicated to it! The Washington Heritage Trail National Scenic Byway, which spans over 80 miles and features more than a dozen historical landmarks, may also be visited. It passes through George Washington’s city graveyard, the breathtaking Panorama Overlook, and the Paw Paw Tunnel.


Staying at the Nation Inn of Berkeley Springs will allow you to extend your journey. This old inn offers rich history and elegance in its 70 distinctive guest rooms. A neighbouring woodland hideaway with peaceful accommodation, banquet and meeting spaces, a brewing business, and a 12-acre lake is called Coolfont Resort. Cacapon Resort State Park is 6,000 acres of thrilling outdoor retreats. This recently remodelled resort has a restaurant, several holiday accommodations. A renowned golf course, guided horseback riding excursions, and a lodge retreat with an on-site spa. Relatives and friends.


Berkeley Springs is among the most underappreciated tourist attractions in West Virginia. The top things to do in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, are include in this guide.

If you stay at the Country Inn of Berkeley Springs, you may prolong your trip. The 70 unique guest rooms at this historic inn provide a wealth of history and luxury. Coolfont Resort is a close-by wooded retreat featuring quiet lodging, banquet and conference facilities, a brewery, and a 12-acre lake. In addition, there are 6,000 acres of exhilarating outdoor getaways at Cacapon Resort State Park. There is a restaurant, various vacation rentals, a world-class golf course, organised horseback riding excursions, and a lodge retreat with a spa at this freshly renovated resort: for friends and family.

Wonderful Berkeley Springs Activities One of West Virginia’s most overlooked tourist destinations is Berkeley Springs. This list includes the most extraordinary things to do in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

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